Exclusive Synthetic Grass provides high quality synthetic turf that is made here in the USA.

We serve various sized artificial grass orders based on the customer and their needs.

Exclusive Synthetic Grass in Roseville, CA is the best artificial grass supplier that distributes to select locations across California and the United States of America. The imitation grass that we carry will last you for years, will save you money on water, and will stay green all year long. Pets love our grass as well. Ask us how we can create a beautiful pet grass area for you and your furry loved ones. All of our synthetic grass comes with a Warranty!

Look at some of the more popular types of artificial turf that we carry.

We ship to select locations.

No matter where you may be, if you're looking to upgrade your home lawn we can help by providing the best artificial grass available. Those that live in arid climates experience high water cost. Nobody wants a patch of dirt as their front or back yard yet everyone wants to save water. The synthetic turf that Exclusive Synthetic Grass in Roseville, CA carries will be the perfect solution for you.


Exclusive Synthetic Grass comes with an industry leading 10-12 Year Warranty on all artificial turf products.

This synthetic turf is made of the finest in quality materials designed to last for years. If you're turf fails before the warranty we'll replace it for you.

Made In America

All of our artificial turf inventory is made here in the United States of America. American quality for the American consumer.

Don't settle for cheaper alternatives that lack the quality our turf entails. The quality lies in our synthetic turf's long time durability.

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